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Donations « Layton Kor Climbing
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To be eligible for the climbing gear giveaways and the guided climbs by America’s best climbers, we are requesting donations for a minimum of $25.  For every $25 you donate, the greater your chances will be at winning gear and climbs with the pros. All donated proceeds go directly towards the medical costs for Layton’s kidney dialysis and transplant.

We appreciate your generous help to Layton Kor, and want to give back to you too! Everyone who participates in this effort will be eligible for a thank-you giveaway each month to receive packages of climbing and camping gear donated by friends of Layton Kor.  We will then pass out the climbing days as the fundraiser goes on.

If you want to bypass the giveaway and get a climb with a pro climber, then you can make a substantial donation and we will do our best to accommodate you.

The monthly gear gifts will start on November 1, and will continue on the first of each month until we have reached a donation goal for Layton Kor.  Even if you are given a gear bundle, you will stay in the hat for the climbing day(s) you have requested.  When our donation goal has been reached, we will give away the climbing days. Recipients will coordinate with their partner to set a climbing date.

Basically, for every donation you make in a given month, you get a chance to win a big gear package at the end of that month too!

To donate by check, write a check directly to Layton Kor and mail it to:

Stewart Green
146 Rainbow Place
Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Or to use a credit card through our nonprofit partner, Big City Mountaineers:


Each time you donate, please let us know which climbing day you would like to do, or if you would simply hope to have a gear bundle.  Feel free to donate multiple times, and we will put you into as many climbing-day hats as you like to climb an amazing historic Kor route with one of our five top climbers. Thanks for your support and kindness.

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